You Hold the Power™

Warning: Picking up a bottle of Spectracide® Triazicide® Insect Killer for Lawns & Landscapes Concentrate with the QuickFlip™ sprayer may lead to delusions of grandeur.

Take our Mr. Prim here, for example. A semi-approachable guy, not likely the most popular neighbor on the block. He keeps to himself and keeps his lawn impeccable. He’s meticulously put together. That is, until he’s got the QuickFlip™ sprayer in hand. A power trip ensues. It’s beautiful, brutal, and fascinating to watch.

Some have reported the acquisition of foreign language fluidity. Or the sudden urge to get anchor tattoos on their biceps. If thoughts of ripping your shirt apart in a fit of strength occur, don’t be alarmed and don’t call a doctor. Just pick up a bottle of Spectracide® concentrate and ride it out.

The QuickFlip™ sprayer technology can be found on the following formulas:
So choose your juice and get to work, killing weeds, bugs, fungi, and diseases at will. Rage on, Spectracide® warriors. You hold the power.™