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The Fall Crawl

Every year, hundreds of millions of insects rush to shelter as the temperatures drop. This phenomenon is known as the Fall Crawl. Fleas, ticks, ants, spiders, and other pests make their way to the closest thing they can find for shelter to fight off the cold. More often than not, human homes are the perfect place for bugs to hunker down. Learn about what pests head inside during the Fall Crawl, where they go, and how to prevent their entry today.

Who Heads Inside?

The Fall Crawl is host to many species of insect and arachnid, including:



Fleas will head in homes on the backs of dogs, cats, and other furry friends. Keep an eye out for frustrating fleas by checking your pets whenever they head inside.

Fall Crawl Insect Spiders


For the most part, spiders will mind their own business, but they tend to sneak in through cracks in windows or doors. Keep an eye out for these creepy crawlies when you start bringing things indoors.

Fall Crawl Insect Ticks


 Like fleas, these bugs will come in on the backs of pets, gear, and even other humans. Check your arms and legs when you head inside to make sure you didn’t bring in any unwanted hitchhikers.

Fall Crawl Insect Stink Bugs

        Stink Bugs 

Stink Bugs often look for quiet places in your home such as attics and cracks and crevices. Stink Bugs often release pheromones' signaling other Stink Bugs to come seek shelter in this preferred site.


Centipedes are anthropods that will seek out a moist shelter as temperatures begin to get colder – most commonly your basement!

     Box Elder Bugs

Box Elders tend to seek shelter in the cracks and crevices in and around building foundations. However, if there is a break in cold conditions, Box Elders may come out of hibernation and move into the warmth of your home.

Fall Crawl Insects Ants


While some species of ant hibernate in the fall and winter months, others seek shelter indoors. If you see one, there’s bound to be more.

Fall Crawl Banner Pests Hide
Dark, Damp Areas

Dark, Damp Areas

UWhether you’ve got an old cellar or a little shady spot in your home, bugs thrive in the darker, damper spots of your house.


Keeping food locked away? Make sure it’s sealed extra tight to prevent ants and other pests from taking their share of the meal.

Strength in Numbers


Some bugs still sleep outside, but remain close enough to entryways to get in and out of your home for extra feedings.

How to Stop the Fall Crawl

Fall Crawl Stop Crawl Preventative Measures

      Take Preventative Measures

 Use an insect killer like Spectracide® Bug Stop® Home Barrier to spray doorways, windows, screens, and other openings throughout your home, creating a barrier through which no insect can pass.

Fall Crawl Stop Crawl Entryways

 Seal Entryways 

After applying Spectracide® Bug Stop® Home Barrier, block off those entryways. Seal off windows, close and lock doors, and try to mitigate bug invasions by covering up any little holes in your home.

Fall Crawl Stop Crawl Prepared

       Stay Prepared 

If an insect finds a way through your barrier, eliminate the problem right away. Spectracide® Bug Stop@ Home Barrier comes equipped with an easy-to-use flip and go formula for easy application to fend off the pests.