Fall means cooler temperatures and falling leaves.  

Find lawn care and housekeeping tips to prepare your lawn for fall weather.

What happens if you don't rake?

Leaves become wet and stick together, blocking sunlight from getting to the lawn. This can lead to suffocated grass and fungal diseases, meaning come spring, your lawn could be dead. 

Rake as Leaves Fall

Not When All the Leaves Fall

Fall is a Great Time to Aerate Your Lawn

Why Aerate?

Aerating breaks up compacted soil to allow nutrients to reach the roots.

What is Core-Aerating?

A type of lawn aeration that pulls 2- to 3- inch long cores out of the ground to allow a channel through which oxygen, water and nutrients can penetrate the soil.

When to Aerate?

Aerate on an as needed basis, which is generally about every 5 years. 
Timing aeration after a recent rainfall will make it easier to aerate. If there is no rain in the forecast, water your lawn.

Bugs have different ways of surviving the cold winter weather

One of which is inviting themselves into your heated home
Some bugs can even send a chemical signal using pheromones to send word about a good site.

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Gut Check

Whether you begin celebrating the holidays the day after Thanksgiving or the week before, check your gutters while putting up holiday lights.

Clean and Store

Clean and hang up your trusty gardening tools, rakes, etc. You’ll be happy for the fresh start come spring.
Wipe off and store your patio cushions and umbrellas. This will help prevent fading and tears.

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