AccuShot® Sprayer Makes Targeted Treatment Easier Than Ever

The AccuShot Sprayer is a revolutionary handheld applicator that allows for continuous spraying and precise application of product. It features a comfortable, ergonomic grip, and an extendable wand that makes it easier to target only the pests and weeds you want to kill. In addition, it features a one-touch continuous spray that requires no repetitive squeezing, pumping or pulling.

The AccuShot Sprayer is reusable. Refill products are available for purchase so you can keep your sprayer and reuse it again and again.

Accushot Sprayer Usage Steps

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AccuShot® Continuous Power Sprayer Troubleshooting Tips

Set Up Your AccuShot® Sprayer
The operating instructions on the back label will help you get your sprayer set up and take care of most troubleshooting questions. Before using your AccuShot sprayer for the first time, you will need to remove the sprayer from the side holster and carefully remove the plastic covering the tubing. Then, remove the seal from the top of the cap, unplug the cap and securely snap the plug into the hole in the cap. Finally, remove the plastic tab near the top of the sprayer to activate the batteries.

Make Sure Your Sprayer Is Unlocked
Just below the trigger is a small lock/unlock button. Unlock by lightly pushing downward on the raised tab with a fingernail until it snaps into place.

Make Sure Your Sprayer Nozzle Is On
If the raised arrow in the top of the nozzle is pointing to X, the nozzle is CLOSED. Twist to the desired spray setting – SPRAY or STREAM. Remember to twist the nozzle back to CLOSE after using.

Make Sure Your Sprayer Is Primed
Hold the sprayer and bottle level to the ground and each other, straight out in front of you, and squeeze the trigger. If you are having trouble or need a little extra power, hold the bottle above the sprayer and let gravity help you out. When your AccuShot sprayer begins to spray, you are ready to Tame the Wild. Once primed, it will spray in any direction.

Inspect Your Sprayer Carefully
If this isn’t the first time you have used your AccuShot Sprayer, look for kinks, cracks, signs of wear or loose connections. These can all affect the sprayer’s performance.

Replace the Batteries
If this isn’t the first time you have used your sprayer, you may need a power upgrade. Follow the instructions on the back label to properly replace the four AA batteries. You will need a small Phillips head screwdriver to open the battery compartment, located at the bottom of the sprayer handle where the tubing exits the sprayer. Cutter Map