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These pests are a real nuisance and can cause some damage. Be prepared.

High Threat


What grows low and has creeping stems that root at the nodes? Clover, of course. It has smooth stems sometimes with minimal hair, elliptic to oval leaflets with small, marginal teeth and white flowers with pink tinge arranged in round heads.

High Threat


A pesky weed that can form new plants just from fragments of broken taproots, dandelion is a deeply taprooted, stemless perennial with basal leaves and single yellow flowers at the end of each smooth, long, hollow stalk. When broken, it exudes milky juice.

GrubsHigh Threat


Few things make people squirm more than grubs. White with C-shaped bodies, grubs hide in the soil and feed on lawn roots, making them a serious and destructive lawn insect pest. You can find their eggs in sunny areas near pavement in mid-summer.

MosquitoesHigh Threat


These itch-inviting insects terrorize those with “sweet skin” at campouts, soccer games and the like. Despite slender bodies, narrow wings, three pairs of skinny legs, and an elongated “beak,” or piercing proboscis, their bites have an uncomfortable sting.