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These pests are a real nuisance and can cause some damage. Be prepared.

Japanese BeetleHigh Threat

Japanese Beetles

A constant source of aggravation for gardeners, Japanese beetles eat 300 types of trees and plants. Metallic green with coppery brown wing covers, these 3/8 inch-long creatures are often found around homes and gardens, attacking flowers, fruits and lawns.

High Threat


Crabgrass doesn’t discriminate. Its tufts of smooth leaves with visible membranous ligules at the base and leaf sheath and long hairs at the collar are found throughout the U.S. and Europe. Its seedhead has two to six fingerlike branches.

PlantainHigh Threat


So common in grassy areas that it’s likely to be overlooked, plantain has broad, irregularly round to oval leaves with parallel veins that form a basal rosette. A tall spike of inconspicuous flowers and tiny seeds cover the 3 to 12-inch central flower stalk.

TermitesMedium Threat


The world’s most famous wood-eaters and foundation-destroyers, termites also enjoy animal dung and other decaying organic material. They can be black, white or yellowish-brown, winged or wingless, and can be 1/4 inch to 3/8 inch long. They nest underground.