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The premier tool for solving pest problems, the Spectracide® Bug & Weed Identifier gives you the knowledge you need to identify the pests in your home or garden and empowers you to find the best solutions for controlling them. You can also capture pest images and submit them to an expert for additional advice.

Key Features

    • Bug & Weed Identifier helps to identify the pests in your home or garden
    • Ask an Expert lets you snap pest images to submit to an expert for help
    • Locate a Retailer finds the Spectracide retailer nearest you
    • Product Information allows you to browse and learn about all available Spectracide solutions
    • On the Product Information page, the UPC scanner makes it easy to find the nearest retailer or online supplier of the Spectracide product you scan

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Bug & Weed Identifier

Why isn’t the pest I’m looking for listed?

The Bug & Weed Identifier focuses on the most common pests in each category, season and region. To identify a pest not listed, use the Ask an Expert function to take a photo of the pest and submit an email to the Spectracide experts.

How do I change my season and region to more accurately portray my location and the time of year?

The season and region can be changes using the icon on the bottom right of any screen to pull up the seasons and regions menu. Click on that icon again to close the season and region menu.

Which months are in each season?

Winter: January, February, March
Spring: April, May, June
Summer: July, August, September
Fall: October, November, December

Ask an Expert

I can’t find my pest in the Bug & Weed Identifier.

You can email an image of your pest to the Spectracide experts and someone will get back to you with an appropriate solution for your pest problem.

I submitted an email to Ask an Expert but I haven’t heard back yet.

Please allow 72 hours for a Spectracide expert to respond to your inquiry.

Locate a Retailer

Why are only certain retailers shown?

These retailers offer the full portfolio of Spectracide solutions available.

UPC Scan & Learn

I’m getting a “Product Not Found” message.

Try holding your phone’s camera a little closer or farther away from the barcode to make sure the image is focused then rescan it. If it is an older product that is not currently in the market from Spectracide, it will not be in the database.


I have a suggestion for a new Bug & Weed Identifier feature.

We’d love to hear from you. Email us at


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