Spectracide Bag-a-Bug Kwik Stand

Spectracide® Bag-A-Bug® Kwik Stand®

The Spectracide Bag-A-Bug Kwikstand is designed to hang Bag-A-Bug traps (sold separately) to help provide protection from Japanese beetles for ornamental and edible plants in your lawn and garden. The quick-assembly stand is made of long-lasting galvanized steel and provides trap positioning at the ideal height to capture the most beetles.

  • Assmebles in seconds
  • Made of long-lasting galvanized steel

Product Label

The Spectracide® Bag-A-Bug® KwikStand® places your beetle trap at the perfect height to trap the most beetles, based on their flying habits. The KwikStand is movable, so as the wind changes, it’s easy to keep your beetle trap downwind of desirable plants.
Assemble the KwikStand by connecting the rods as shown. See front of package for an illustration of a fully assembled KwikStand.
NOTICE: Buyer assumes all responsibility for safety and use not in accordance with directions.
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