Spectracide Weed & Grass Killer with Extended Control Concentrate

Spectracide® Weed & Grass Killer with Extended Control Concentrate

This product is a non-selective herbicide that will kill any vegetation contacted and will prevent re-growth for up to 3 months. It enters plants through the leaves and moves down to the roots. This will ensure that the entire plant is eliminated. It also provides a protective barrier that prevents weeds and grasses from emerging for up to three 3 months. Avoid direct spray or drift onto desirable plants, lawn grasses, shrubs, and trees. Protect desirable plants and vegetation with a piece of plastic or cardboard. If desirable plants are accidentally sprayed, wash plants with water immediately.

  • Prevents weeds for up to 3 months
  • Makes up to 10 gallons
  • Visible results as fast as 3 hours
  • Rainfast in 15 minutes



Product Info

This product controls the following:

Annual weeds and grasses: annual ryegrass, annual bluegrass, barnyardgrass, beggarweed, black medic, blue medic, blue toadflax, brassbuttons, blue mustard, bromegrass, bur clover, buttercup, cheeseweed, chickweed, clover, common groundsel, common lambsquarters, common plantain, common ragweed, crabgrass, creeping beggarweed, diffuse lovegrass, dog fennel, evening primrose, false dandelion, fall panicum, fennel, fiddleneck, field pennycress, field sandbur, filaree, Florida pusley, foxtail, garden spurge, goosegrass, green foxtail, hemp sesbania, henbit, horseweed/marestail, ironweed, knotweed, lambsquarters, little bitter cress, London rocket, maiden cane, mallow, mayweed, mouseear chickweed*, oxalis*, Pennsylvania smartweed, pennywort, pigweed, prickly lettuce, prostrate spurge, puncture vine, purslane, redroot, pigweed, sandspur, shepherdspurse, smartweed, smooth cat’s ear, smooth pigweed, sowthistle, spotted spurge, sprangletop, spurges, tansy mustard, tansy ragwort, teaweed, Texas panicum, tumble mustard, velvetleaf, wild geranium*, witch grass, wild mustard, yellow nutgrass, yellow oxalis (and many other annual grasses and weeds)

Perennial weeds, grasses, brush:  alder, artichoke thistle, bahiagrass, barnyardgrass, bentgrass, Bermudagrass, bluegrass, broadleaf plantain, brownseed, paspalum, buckhorn plantain, bull thistle, Canada thistle, cattail, ceanothus, centipedegrass, cocklebur, cogongrass, common mullein, common ragweed, coral bead, creeping Charlie, curly dock, dallisgrass, dandelion, dewberry, dog fennel, false dandelion, fescue species, field bindweed, guineagrass, hairy crabgrass, horsenettle, horseradish, iceplant, Johnsongrass, Kentucky bluegrass, kikuyugrass, knapweed, knawel, lantana, maiden cane, milkweed, mouseear chickweed*, nimblewill, nutgrass (nutsedge), oldenlandia, orchardgrass, oxalis*, pampasgrass, pennywort, perennial ryegrass, plantain, purple cudweed*, purple nutsedge, quackgrass, quaking aspen, ragweed, red clover, smooth bromegrass, sourdock, sowthistle, St. Augustine grass, tall fescue, tansy ragwort, Timothy, torpedograss, trumpetcreeper, vaseygrass, Virginia creeper, white clover, whitetop, wild barley, wild blackberry, wild carrot, wild morning-glory, wild oats, yarrow, yellow nutgrass, yellow starthistle, zoysia. *annual or perennial

Where to Use


Use along fences, paths, patios, sidewalks, curbs and driveways; around established ornamental trees, shrubs, flower beds and plantings; and around buildings. Use for trimming and edging landscapes. Do NOT use for spot weed treatment in lawns, since Spectracide® Weed & Grass Killer with Extended Control Concentrate kills all green plants, including lawn grasses.

Sizes Available

32 fl oz





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