Spectracide® Weed and Grass Foaming Edger

This product is a non-selective herbicide that will kill any vegetation contacted. It enters plants through the leaves and moves down to the roots. This will ensure that the entire plant is eliminated. Avoid direct spray or drift onto desirable plants, lawn grasses, shrubs, and trees. Protect desirable plants and vegetation with a piece of plastic or cardboard. If desirable plants are accidentally sprayed, wash plants with water immediately. This product has no soil activity and thus will not affect nearby untreated plants.

  • Kills all common weeds and grasses
  • Rainproof in 15 minutes
  • For use along fences, driveways and walkways
  • Covers up to 200 linear ft.


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Kills weeds and grasses including: chickweed, clover, dandelion, foxtail, plantain, annual ryegrass, bentgrass, bluegrass, fescue species and zoysia. This product can be used for edging around lawns; in driveways, walkways, curbs; along fences and foundations; near trees and shrubs; and in ower beds, mulch beds and other similar areas of the yard to get rid of undesirable vegetation.

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17 oz



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