Spectracide® Weed & Feed 20-0-0 (Ready-to-Spray)

  • Kills major broadleaf weeds
  • Kills weeds while feeding your lawn
  • Easy to use - Just connect to your hose & spray
  • Treats up to 7,500 sq ft

Product Info

Black medic, buckhorn, burdock, chickweed, chicory, clover, dandelion, dock, English daisy, ground ivy, healall, knotweed, lambsquarters, mallow, morning glory, oxalis (woodsorrel), pigweed, plantain, poison ivy, poison oak, purslane, ragweed, red clover, speedwell, spurge, stitchwort, wild carrot, wild clover, wild garlic, wild lettuce, wild onion, yarrow and many other broadleaf weeds.

Sizes Available

32 fl oz





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