Spectracide Kudzu, Poison Ive/Oak and Other Tough Brush Killer Ready-to-Use

Spectracide® Kudzu, Poison Ivy/Oak and Other Tough Brush Killer (Ready-to-Use)

  • Kills the root
  • Rainproof in hours
  • Also kills blackberries and other listed brush



Product Info

This product controls:

Annual yellow sweetclover, Ash, Aster, Austrian fieldcress, Bedstraw, Beggarticks, Betony, Florida, Bindweed, field, Birch, Bird vetch, Bitter wintercress, Bittercress, hairy, Bitterweed, Black cherry, Black medic, Black mustard, Blackberry, Black-eyed Susan, Blackseed plantain, Blessed thistle, Bloodflower milkweed, Blue lettuce, Blue vervain, Bracted plantain, Brambles, Brassbuttons, Bristly oxtongue, Broadleaf dock, Broadleaf plantain, Broomweed, Buckhorn, Buckhorn plantain, Bulbous buttercup, Bull thistle, Bullnettle, Burclover, Burdock, Burning nettle, Burweed, Buttercup, Buttonweed, Canada thistle, Carolina geranium, Carpetweed, Catchweed bedstraw, Catnip, Catsear, Cedar, Chickweed, common, Chickweed, mouseear, Chicory, Cinquefoil, Clover, crimson, Clover, hop, Clover, red, Clover, strawberry, Clover, sweet, Clover, white, Cockle, Cocklebur, Common mullein, Cranesbill, Creeping Jenny(Creeping Charlie), Cudweed, Curly dock, Daisy, English, Daisy fleabane, Daisy, oxeye, Dandelion, Deadnettle, Dichondra, Dogbane, Dogfennel, Dollarweed, Elderberry, English daisy, False dandelion, False sunflower, Falseflax, Fiddleneck, Filaree, Fleabane, Florida pusley, Frenchweed, Galinsoga, Goathead, Goldenrod, Gooseberry, Ground ivy, Gumweed, Hackberry, Hairy fleabane, Hawkweed, Healall, Heartleaf drymary, Heath aster, Hedge bindweed, Hedge mustard, Hemp, Henbit, Hoary cress, Hoary plantain, Hoary vervain, Horsenettle, Jimsonweed, Knawel, Knotweed, Kochia, Kudzu, Lambsquarters, Lespedeza, Lilac, Mallow, Matchweed, Mexicanweed, Milk vetch, Morningglory, Mouseear hawkweed, Mugwort, Multiflora rose, Musk thistle, Mustard, Narrowleaf plantain, Narrowleaf vetch, Nettle, Orange hawkweed, Oriental cocklebur, Oxalis, Parsley-piert, Parsnip, Pearlwort, Pennycress, Pennywort, Peppergrass, Pepperweed, Pigweed, Pineywoods bedstraw, Plains coreopsis(tickseed), Plantain, Poison ivy, Poison oak, Pokeweed, Poorjoe, Prairie sunflower, Prickly lettuce, Prickly sida, Prostrate knotweed, Prostrate pigweed, Prostrate spurge, Prostrate vervain, Puncturevine, Purslane, common, Ragweed, Raspberry, Red sorrel, Redroot pigweed,Redstem filaree, Rough cinquefoil, Rough fleabane, Russian pigweed, Russian thistle, Sagebrush, Scarlet pimpernel, Scotch thistle, Sheep sorrel, Shepherdspurse, Slender plantain, Smallflower galinsoga, Smooth dock,Smooth pigweed, Snowberry, Soliva, Sorrel, Sowthistle, Spanishneedles, Speedwell, Spiny amaranth, Spiny cocklebur, Spiny sowthistle, Spotted catsear, Spotted spurge, Spurweed, Stinging nettle, Strawberry, India mock, Sumac, Tall nettle, Tall vervain, Tansy ragwort, Tansy mustard, Tanweed, Thistle, Trailing crownvetch, Trumpet vine, Tumble mustard, Tumble pigweed, Velvetleaf, Venice mallow, Virginia buttonweed, Virginia creeper, Virginia pepperweed, Water pennywort, Wavyleaf bullthistle, Western clematis, Western salsify, White mustard, Wild aster, Wild buckwheat, Wild carrot, Wild cherry, Wild four-o’clock, Wild garlic, Wild geranium, Wild lettuce, Wild marigold, Wild mustard, Wild onion, Wild parsnip, Wild plum, Wild radish, Wild rape, Wild strawberry, Wild sweet potato,  Wild vetch, Wild violet, Woodsorrel, Woolly croton, Woolly morningglory, Woolly plantain, Wormseed, Yarrow, Yellow rocket, Yellowflower pepperweed and other broadleaf weeds

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