Spectracide® Tree Shrub Insect Control Concentrate Drench Spray

Use this product as part of a preventative treatment program before insect damage occurs. Use one soil drench treatment per year during early spring to early fall. This product can be applied anytime except when the ground is saturated or frozen. These conditions will make movement of the product down into the root zone difficult. When applying this product during dry periods, generously water the tree or shrub the night before treatment.

  • Year-long insect control for trees and shrubs when applied as soil drench
  • Kills adelgids, beetles and borers
  • Kills insects and prevents new infestations

Product Info

Kills adelgids, aphids, listed borers, beetles, leafminers, scale and other listed pests.

Where to Use


For use on trees and shrubs, including listed fruit and nut trees.

Sizes Available

32 fl oz





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