Spectracide® Grub Killer Concentrate Ready to Spray

Spectracide Grub Killer Concentrate kills white grubs, mole crickets, European crane fly larvae and other pests listed in the table below. It forms a protective barrier in the soil that provides control of listed pests all season long. When applied early, this product kills grubs, mole crickets and European crane flies before they hatch and damage lawns. Contact your County Extension agent for the best dates to apply in your area. Spectracide Grub Killer Concentrate may be sprayed over soil or mulch. Remove weed barrier before applying.

  • One application kills grubs all season long
  • Also kills mole crickets and European crane fly larvae
  • Kills insects and prevents new infestations

Product Info

Kills insects and prevents new infestations.

Where to Use


For use on lawns.

Sizes Available

32 fl oz





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