Spectracide Immunox Plus Insect & Disease Control Aerosol

Spectracide Immunox® Plus Insect & Disease Control For Gardens (Aerosol)

Use the Spectracide Immunox Plus Insect & Disease Control For Gardens (Aerosol) to keep your roses and flowering plants looking as beautiful at the end of the season as they do in the beginning. Apply this easy-to-use product every 2 weeks. It is formulated to cure and prevent all major diseases plus control insects.

  • Cures and prevents diseases on roses, flowers and ornamental shrubs
  • Up to 2 weeks control
  • Quickly kills insects on contact

Product Info

This product controls the following:

Diseases: black spot; cercospora leaf spot; petal blight; powdery mildew; rust

Insects: aphids; bagworms; cicadas; fall cankerworms; fall webworms; inchworms; leafminers; leafrollers; mealybugs; spider mites; thrips (exposed); whiteflies

Where to Use


ageratum; aster; azalea; begonia; carnation; chrysanthemum; columbine; cornflower; ferns; fuschia; iris; lilac; marigold; mock-orange; palms; pansy; petunia; privet; rhododendron; rose; salvia; snapdragon; spirea; sunflower; zinnia

Sizes Available

14 oz





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