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July Newsletter

Jul 2, 2012


What’s Bugging Your Lawn?
The heat is on! Even though you might feel like kicking your feet up and relaxing in the shade, lawn-invading bugs are still going strong and actively feeding – and some of them can cause real damage to your lawn and landscaping.

How can you tell if you have an insect problem in your lawn? We all have brown patches in our lawns this time of year. If the browning is fairly uniform over your entire lawn, it’s most likely caused by hot and dry weather. If it’s irregular or mottled, the browning could be a symptom of lawn pests. To test, pick a spot in the affected area of your lawn and spread the grass blades so the surface roots are visible. You’ll be able to see common lawn insects when you do this.

The chinch bug is one common lawn-damaging pest that’s active this time of year. These grayish-black, rice-sized bugs eat plant juices while clogging a plant’s vascular system to cause irregular, straw-colored patches of grass that enlarge as the infestation spreads.

The destructive lawn grub is another tough pest for homeowners to contend with. Whitish and c-shaped, grubs feed on grass roots, making lawns incapable of drawing necessary water and nutrients from the soil. Grubs are highly active during the summer – adult females generally lay their eggs in the soil during July, and the newly hatched grubs begin to feed on turf roots in early August, causing grass to die off in irregular patches.

Applying a good broad-spectrum lawn insecticide now can help stop damage from bugs in your grass, reduce the number of bugs you have next season and create a barrier of protection so bugs don’t come inside. For example, Spectracide® Triazicide® Insect Killer Once & Done!® Concentrate will take care of a wide range of backyard insects, including chinch bugs, grubs, ants, fleas and ticks – for up to 2 months. You can use it on your lawn, trees, shrubs, roses, flowers and vegetables.


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