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Create a Home Barrier
The end of summer might be drawing near, but it’s still plenty hot out there – and insect pests like ants, spiders and roaches are looking to migrate inside where they can find sources of water and cooler temperatures. One of the easiest ways to keep them out is to create a barrier of protection around your home with a broad-spectrum insecticide that’s effective against a range of insects. Perimeter treatment only involves spraying outside, so it minimizes the need to use an insecticide indoors, and protection can last up to  months.

To help prevent insects from gaining access to your home, it’s important to apply a continuous band of insecticide  all around your foundation that’s up to 3 ft wide and extends upward up to 3 ft along the side of your home. When applying to the ground around the foundation, thoroughly wet the soil, mulch or grass so the active ingredient will reach the thatch level where pests may be active. You should pay special attention to areas around windows, doors and roof overhangs, as this is where crawling pests are most likely to gain entry.

There are several types of home barrier products available. Granules are deep reaching and can be applied with spreaders or with shaker canisters; they should be distributed uniformly and, in most cases, watered in lightly after application. Liquid sprays are best for surface application and are available in ready-to-use formulas that have sprayers included or concentrate formulas for use with hose-end or tank sprayers. The Spectracide® Triazicide® Insect Killer Once & Done!® line of all-purpose insecticides offers all of these options for months of  protection against home-invading insects.

Before applying  insecticides, remove debris and leaf litter from next to the foundation, cut back vegetation and branches that touch the foundation, and move or rake back rocks, deep mulch or other potential materials where pests can hide around your foundation. It’s also a good idea to avoid stacking firewood near your home, keep garbage cans tightly covered and check the caulking around outside entry points, including window casings.


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