Burned Up Over Fire Ants? Don't Fuel the Fire with Toxic Fixes
Madison, WI

Active ingredient, Indoxacarb, is extremely fast and effective on fire ants;

recognized as a reduced risk insecticide by the EPA


The Red Imported Fire Ant.  It’s a pest so plaguing that it drives homeowners to drastic and dangerous lengths to rid themselves of the problem, including pouring gasoline on fire ant mounds in their yards. 


Smart homeowners concerned about the safety of their families now have a way to rid their properties of fire ants with minimal impact on the environment:  Indoxacarb.


Indoxacarb is a high-performing active ingredient that has been used by pest management professionals for years.  Now, it is available to homeowners and DIY-ers in Spectracide® Once & Done!™ Fire Ant Killer.


The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has classified the active ingredient Indoxacarb as a reduced risk insecticide.  This means that Indoxacarb based fire ant control products pose less risk than many existing fire ant control insecticides or other conventional alternatives.  Based on test data generated in the lab and in the field, when Spectracide® Once & Done!™ Fire Ant Killer is used according to the EPA approved label, the impact on the environment, toxicity to humans and potential for resistance to the target pest is low.


“Indoxacarb is formulated to work specifically with a fire ant’s metabolic system and has an extremely low toxicity until it is introduced to an insect’s enzymes through consumption or absorption,” said Charlie Duckworth, Division Vice President Research and Development of Spectrum Brands.  “The active ingredient also works very quickly, giving homeowners results within 48 hours.”


Spectracide® Once & Done Fire Ant Killer!™ is the fastest treatment available to consumers, killing fire ant colonies within 48 hours.  It also lasts all season, preventing their return for up to four months.


Once & Done Fire Ant Killer!™ is applied with a broadcast spreader (much like fertilizing a lawn) and can be applied to an entire yard to save time searching for mounds.    


Do’s and Don’ts of Fire Ants

There are many suggested home remedies to eradicating fire ants – ranging from the harmless (“pour a mixture of grits and water on the mound”[1]), to the dangerous (“pour bleach or gasoline on a mound”), to the downright questionable (“poke a stick into the nest and make several holes to accept the mixture; then flood the entire area”[2]).

Additional fire ant do’s and don’ts include:

DON'T use gasoline, diesel fuel, motor oil, bleach, or other "home remedies" to combat fire ants. These products are generally ineffective, can cause serious damage to lawns, and are harmful to the environment, not to mention a safety issue.

DO consider a broadcast treatment like Spectracide® Once & Done!™ Fire Ant Killer. With active ingredient Indoxacarb, this new product eliminates existing colonies and prevents fire ants all season long. Foraging worker ants carry the bait back to the colony and within 48 hours, the entire colony and queen are dead.

DON’T disturb the mound. When applying a mound-specific treatment, apply gently to avoid disturbing colonies.

DO follow label instructions on all pesticide products. Many products that target fire ants have important information on them regarding the timing of treatment, which is critical for achieving satisfactory results.

DON’T apply baits when it is too hot or cold, or if rain is expected within four to six hours. Apply broadcast treatment in the morning or late evening, when ants are actively foraging.

DO treat the entire yard.

DON’T water or mow treated area for 24 hours after application.


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